Savvy Storage Tips

How to select and stuff a storage unit

1. Seize the Supplies!

As you prepare to pack up and pack in your stuff in your storage unit, make sure you have enough boxes and packing materials. Plastic boxes are your best option, but if you need to go the cheap route, liquor stores often give away sturdy boxes and your own newspapers can find a new life as padding (just be careful as newsprint can stain some items). Shed Stuff conveniently provides boxes, furniture covers, and other handy supplies for sale in our leasing office.

2. Size up your Space!

Come down to the leasing office to get a guided tour of the facility and see for yourself what size unit you might need for your stuff. We provide a good rule of thumb if you can’t come visit before you rent:


Perfect for storing boxes and/or small furniture or the contents of a dorm room.

10'x10' Good for storing the contents of a couple medium size rooms. Will hold a sofa, entertainment center, bed, washer/dryer, bicycles, toolboxes, lawn tools, and boxes.


This size unit will hold the contents of a small home, a car, or a small boat.


Our largest unit will store the contents of a medium size home, an RV, or a medium size boat.

3. Streamline a System!

Being organized will get you the best value for your unit and allow easy access to your stuff. Label boxes on all sides to save trouble later. Investing in shelving can help keep things straightened out. Using small boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for lighter items will make transportation and stacking a cinch. Remember to always lift with your legs, not your back! Make sure you leave space between your items and the walls of your unit for airflow as well as space in the center of your unit for accessibility. And of course, pack items that you need more often toward the front of the unit.

4. Sort out Specifics!

Take apart large items.

Put small screws and such in bags and secure them to the item to which they belong.

Clean out appliances.

Leave refrigerators and microwaves slightly open and set an open container of baking soda inside to ensure a fresh sweet smell.

Label fragile things.

We all don’t have the memory of an elephant so to prevent sorrow, wrap mirrors and paintings, label “FRAGILE”, and store upright.

Don’t store food or flammables.

Food attracts rascally rodents and combustible materials are illegal to store.